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Company NameConservis Corp
Contact NameBrody Blain
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Phone(559) 804-0711
Address1624 Harmon Place, Suite 304
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55403
United States
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Company Description

Conservis is an independent farm management system, grounded in farmer input. Serving both family and institutional farms, Conservis enables permanent and row crop growers to meet the increasing, global demand for their products – more easily and profitably than ever before.

Solving real problems.
We asked growers, “What are your biggest barriers to efficiency and profitability?” Then we designed our solutions to address their needs.
• Getting organized
o “Is the work getting done and do I have accurate traceability records?”
o “How can I stay up to date on planned and actual use of resources [labor, equipment, inputs, 3rd party services] on all activities including irrigation?”
• Understanding what works, what doesn’t and where my money goes
o “Am I making money at a block-level?”
o “I need past data to help me make better decisions for next year.”
• Sharing information
o “I need better communication of field activities to my team.”
o “I need a better way of communicating with internal and external groups to understand productivity and compliance.”

Making it simple.
Conservis cuts through the complexity with:
• Processes adapted to how you work
• Integrations with other technologies that minimize data entry
• One place to manage, update, plan and analyze
• A team with you along the way, making it easy for you to get value faster

A true partner.
Count on Conservis for total dedication and focus.
• No competing agendas; no divided loyalties
• State-of-the-art data security and privacy
• Insight that enables action now and to plan for the future